Lighting a path toward a better future for families in Nebraska.



Guardian Light Family Services (GLFS) empowers families toward a safe and nurturing environment in Central and Western Nebraska communities.  We provide skill-building and support through Family Support Services, Supervised Visits, Foster Homes, and Drug Testing with families referred by the Department of Human Services.  GLFS employees work with family members in the client's home to assist with areas of parenting, nutrition, sobriety, healthy relationships, money management and home stability.



Are you motivated by the power of purpose? Does a career in helping others make you feel fulfilled? Be a part of the GLFS process by partnering with families as they work toward healthier lifestyles.


There are no set “office” hours or cubicles; just the expectation of excellent customer service, communication and schedules/decisions that are created in the best interest of the client. Weekly billing hours and documentation deadlines have a flexibility that is not offered in traditional office settings. Staff often work a combination of days and evenings during the week with a full day on Saturday or Sunday to meet the client’s needs.


GLFS is a great way to build experience in the field due to our training program. This helps to give you a solid foundation for your career. Many of our staff are currently working toward receiving their Bachelor or Master’s degrees while being employed for Guardian Light Family Services.


Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual starts with the first pay period for qualifying employees – earning up to two weeks your first year of employment. This is in addition to the 8 paid holiday days for full-time employees. GLFS’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees starting with their first day of work. EAP provides free counseling services and access to a number of free resources and trainings.   In addition, GLFS has excellent insurance benefits for qualifying employees such and major medical, dental and vision with a large variety of insurance options for all employees such as disability, term and whole life, accidental injuries and death, cancer, heart and stroke.  GLFS is also a strong contributor to major medical health insurance premium costs for employee plans.


Working for GLFS means that your office goes where you go. Employees sometimes drive up to an hour to visit a client, which gives you a “paid opportunity” to truly enjoy the beauty of Nebraska’s countryside.


GLFS is a young company that is growing fast. There is opportunity for those with vision, creativity and management skills to help us to grow to reach more families and communities!

  • Direct Service positions pay same hourly rate for all time worked up to $19/Hour DOE
  • Paid Drive Time
  • Reimbursed rate of $0.60/Mile when working with direct service clients
  • $3.00 differential pay:  All full-time and part-time Family Support Workers (excludes floaters and internships positions) will receive an additional $3.00 per hour to your normal pay rate when you work a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Paid Training (40 hours of orientation, monthly trainings and more within first 60 days)

For Full-Time Employees:

  • Paid Time Off
  • 8 Paid Holidays
  • Insurance Available: Major Medical, Dental and Vision

For All Employees

  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Does your work, training, education or life experience pertain to child abuse, substance abuse, domestic abuse, budgeting, locating safe and affordable housing, or any other human service skills?  Are you willing to teach parents & guardians how to implement those skills into their own family unit?

Applicants for all positions will need to live in the local community they are applying for or a surrounding community within a short driving distance prior to employment.

Family Support Worker

  • 2 Years of Human Services Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Services related field (preferred)
  • Valid Driver's License with 3 points or fewer currently

Foster Care Services

  • 5 Years of Child Welfare Experience
  • Bachelors Degree in Human Services related field (required)
  • Valid Driver's License with 3 points or fewer currently

What People Say About Us


Megan McFadden

Family Support Worker

Seeing a client reach their goals and work their way through the process to reunification is the most rewarding thing to witness.  I chose this career because many of my clients have never experienced support to help them out of challenging situations - And, I get to be the person to guide them through a process that allows them to see potential in the community around them as well as in themselves.


Blain Schilreff

Foster Care Specialist

GLFS has a very structured program and prides themselves in hiring team members that will grow and be innovative during times that they can make a significant difference.

GLFS believes in success and takes the much needed measurements, providing proficient training to all of their employees before allowing them to work in the field. The training does not end there, instead it is ongoing every day in experiences, management consultation, daily calls, emails, texts, online and face to face-to-face training.

GLFS has a motivated management team that does one-on-one interaction with their employees, which is stellar. GLFS has designed a program that is meant for success not only for the employees but for their clients.

During times I felt unsuccessful as an employee, I could rely on a dedicated and educated director who always provided answers to better the situations that we were challenged with.

I was given a chance to be a Foster Care Specialist and recently celebrated my first year and plan for 25 more years. When I accepted the position as an FCS, I was ready for a new rewarding and exciting adventure.

My director has been outstanding in every way. She has provided me with the one-on-one coaching, training and support that I needed in order to be successful. My director teaches self-care and insists her team take days for themselves. My first year supporting families was challenging in some aspects, but beyond exciting in many other aspects. The biggest challenge was learning all the paperwork and job responsibilities, but I had the support and guidance of a director who is extremely talented and patient. Now my job responsibilities come naturally to me and I am thrilled to be part of a Stellar team.

Being a Foster Care Specialist has provided me with an eye-opening opportunity for what elements are missing in our society. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our foster families and value them, especially for the love and care they provide for the foster children who desperately need to be loved and cared for.