DHHS Relative/Kinship Module Trainings

Online Foster Parent Training is mandatory for all kinship/relative homes.

The trainings are in the form of 6 modules that the foster parents watch/complete online. 

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Click on the following link to access the training site:


Completing the  DHHS Relative/Kinship Module Trainings

  1. Complete all the modules.
  2. Total of 8 hours.
  3. The foster parents can complete the modules as a couple. They must sign up using BOTH their names though.
  4. The foster parent(s) must watch each module in its entirety. DHHS will verify each training module has been viewed in its entirety by using a start time and end time timestamp. If the timestamps do not match with how long the training is supposed to take, caregivers will be asked to retake the training by DHHS.
  5. The foster parents are each issued a Certificate of Completion via email that they must forward to the FCS and FCS will then send to Resource Development and save in their foster family file on the GLFS Shared Drive.
  6. The FCS will give the foster parents the information for the training at the first visit and follow up on their progress with each subsequent visit.
  7. FCS could make doing a module as part of visits with the family. The modules run from an hour to an hour and a half each.

**When you are done with BOTH Courses, please email your certificates of completion to the Foster Care Specialist (FCS)!!!