Human Trafficking Training

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has a required online training regarding the topic of Human Trafficking that must be completed for every foster home in Nebraska, both Licensed Homes and Kinship/Relative Approved Homes.  The link is below. It will take less than an hour to watch the video and complete the short posttest.  Please notify your Foster Care Specialist once you have completed the test with your date of completion. You will be issued a certificate of completion by Guardian Light Family Services.

Please use Chrome for best results.
Click on the following link to access the training site:

Three Steps to complete the Human Trafficking Training

  1. Intro Video
  2. Follow the steps on the webpage to access the Human Trafficking Video
  3. Post Test – Please remember to submit your test and include your name – you will select “Agency Supported Foster Home” under the Home Type.  Complete one posttest for each foster parent.

**When you are done with BOTH Courses, please email your certificates of completion to the Foster Care Specialist (FCS)!!!