Foster Care

Why Choose GLFS to support you as a foster parent?


The process of becoming a foster parent is an uncharted territory for most.  GLFS has specialists in the field that can be your guide into successfully becoming licensed.  Having someone available to answer your questions, (concerns), direct you to needed resources and match your excitement during the process is valuable.

When it is time for your first placement (and every placement that follows) GLFS has a team waiting to support you.  This provides you with contact and solutions 24/7.

GLFS also has individualized training for pre-licensing that best fits your schedule and lifestyle.  Followed by easy selection of approved on-line training for continuing education hours to help keep your license current.

What must I do to become a foster parent?

  • Allow GLFS staff to complete a walk through of your home and complete what is called a Home Study. (A Home Study is an interview about your own background and upbringing as well as how your family currently functions.)
  • Get a physical from your physician using a form we will provide to you the doctor can sign off on to ensure you are healthy enough to be a foster parent. Each foster parent is responsible for the cost of the physical
  • Provide a minimum of three references (only one can be a relative) who can attest to your character and ability to parent children
  • Complete all mandatory trainings for licensure
  • Complete/pass a background check and fingerprinting
  • Complete all licensure paperwork with a GLFS staff member